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Honors Courses

Understanding Honors Courses at AMS

What is the difference between regular courses and Honors courses?

Both regular and Honors courses will use the Alabama College and Career Ready grade level standards. Honors may have additional readings and materials to supplement courses. Students who meet the qualifications (Data Rubrics) and have parental consent will be selected to take honors classes.

Can a sixth grade student take Honors courses?

Eligible sixth grade students may take one Honors course. Eligibility is determined by specific criteria, including assessment data, grades and teacher recommendations. 

How do I find out if my child is eligible for a sixth grade Honors course?

The administrative team will determine eligible students based on the criteria defined in the previous answer. To find out if your child qualifies for an Honors course, contact your child's fifth grade teacher.

How many Honors courses can a sixth grade student take?

Sixth grade students may take one Honors course per semester. In subsequent years, grades 7 and 8, students may add one Honors course per year.

What Honors courses are offered at AMS?

AMS offers Honors Math, Honors Science and Honors English Language Arts (ELA) courses.