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Sixth Grade Center

Our Purpose
The Sixth Grade Center (SGC) at AMS is a dedicated "school within a school" that allows a year of transistion for students leaving elementary as they transition to middle school. We understand that middle grades education is a time of important formation, transition and preparation. It is a pivotal point in student education and development. To prepare and equip our students for success, the Sixth Grade Center focuses on this important year of development. We believe that having all the sixth graders together in a dedicated area of the building provides our teachers and staff the opportunity to help students transition to middle school with greater confidence and success.

Sixth Grade Center Commitments

  • High quality core curriculum. We offer rigorous core curriculum as a strong foundation for all students.
  • Focus on skills and knowledge neccessary for high school and beyond. We equip students with the social, academic and organizational skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.
  • Safe and supportive learning environment. We provide a safe, relevant, innovative and student-centered approach to learning in a supportive environment.
  • Advisory council and community partnerships. We partner with employers, community members, faculty and other stakeholders to expand learning experiences for students.



2024-2025 Curriculum Guide